Hi everybody! Thank you for visiting our wedding site. We are so honored and blessed to be sharing our special day with all of you as we start this next journey of our lives together!

The special date was June 20, 2015!

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Let us start this journey with a little background. Now Amy loves surprises, but only if she has no idea that it is coming. Since she is bound to at least find out a surprise is coming, she mostly kills me leading up to it.

Our first date was simple. We went out to Buca's (mmmm, tasty Italian!), and walked down by the lake. We eventually made it out to the landing outside of the Discovery World Museum, and sat and talked for a while. Fast forwarding two years, the day is April 26th, a Saturday. She knows that I intend to recreate our first date and give her a surprise. To tease her emotions, I had been giving her hints in the weeks leading up to this date.

We walk from my apartment downtown to the Pfister hotel. Amy is on pins and needles for this surprise! We arrive to find... a horse carriage ride! While she has wanted to do this for a while, she was definitely a little put off because my terribly vague hints had lead her to believe the surprise was a ring.

After the carriage ride, we ate supper at Buca's (including mixups in our appetizers and dealing with prom, bleh!) and started the walk back to my place. By this point, it is pretty obvious that she wants that ring and I had already given her the surprise! (Little does she know... muahaha)

We walk down by the lake, and out on the landing area outside Discovery World. We sit and talk some more. Amy starts to feel a chill (but not me! the blood is pumping). She gets up ready to go, and I get down on one knee instead. She presumes that I am just being my sarcastic, joking self (put lightly), and she tells me to get up. That presumption changed very quickly when I pulled out the ring! After asking multiple times if I "was sure", she said yes!


A little fun fact: This was pretty much the exact same spot that my father proposed to my mother!

Rebeccas and Amy at State Fair


Maid of Honor

Rebecca is my Maid of Honor and best friend for over 12 years. Rebecca and I first met in 7th grade English class. As a way to get to know the class we had to interview another classmate and Rebecca interviewed me. That was the start of our friendship! Since then we have stayed friends throughout high school and college. Some of our best memories come from our road trips to UW-Green bay where Rebecca went to school. She has been my best friend and #1 since 7th grade and I couldn't imaging embarking on one of the biggest events of my life without her standing right next to me!

Sarah and Amy at Brewer's Game



I met Sarah when I moved to the surgical floor at work. While I had seen her at work, I didn't really know her all that well at first. The day we really became friends I was getting a surgical case ready for the next day, and while I was grabbing instruments Sarah told me I was going to be her bestie and we have been friends since. Sarah is one of the most kind and thoughtful people I know. She is always there for me whether it be for giving advice or to just hang out and have fun! She has made my transition onto the surgical floor that much easier and I can say I love working with her!
Sarah and Amy at Brewer's Game


Best Man

Tom has been one of my best buds since grade school. We car pooled to school all through high school and did our best to keep in touch through college which is always difficult living in different cities. The German videos that we made in high school are one of the timeless activities that continue to come up in conversation. The first one came before everything was digital, but we still have copies of the second and third lying around (and now on Youtube)! We definitely have some great memories together and I certainly look forward to more.

Sarah and Amy at Brewer's Game



Ron and I met on the 9th floor of the Roy W Johnson building at MSOE. Lots of shenanigans (compared to Will!) and some of them are even included in MSOE marketing brochures (still!). Post graduation we have been trying to keep up an annual event that involves some sort of crazy activity such as wilderness camping, backpacking, biking and kayaking... and even combinations of each. We are both travel nerds and I fully expect that to lead us to some off the wall location ripe with stories.
The wedding is at 2:30PM at:
Grace Lutheran Church
1209 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Cocktail hour begins at 5PM at:
Mitchell Park Domes
524 S Layton Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53204

We have rooms blocked at:
Holiday Inn Hotel
at Milwaukee Airport
545 West Layton Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207
Click here to book your hotel. Our group code is WBW at a rate of $115 per night. You can also call 888-Holiday to make the reservation.